Convenient operation, whole process tracing, guaranteed effectiveness

Overseas location: Germany, the Netherlands, the United States

Cooperating with CZ, MU with secured space

Start the e-commercial in pilot cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chengdu and Chongqing

Strategic cooperation with China Post to ensure the stability and efficiency of customs clearance

International shipping center, free trade port

Hongkong adjoins Shenzhen and Guangzhou

Abundant flight, free trade

Non-stop trucks between Hongkong and China mainland, which is fast and convenient

Professional management, powerful system support

Customs clearance in multi-ports and abutting joint by one station

Next to the free trade port of HK and Macao enables variety of flights for a faster delivery

Professional WMS system, efficient warehousing operation team

  • Transparent customs clearance

    High stability

    High efficiency in customs clearance

  • Multi-port and multi-channel

    Intelligent matching

    Convenient and easy

  • Cooperation with airlines

    First-hand resources of space

    High aging, low cost

  • Global warehouse network

    Overall arrangement of overseas warehouse

    Meet the demand of regional differences

Our clients

According to the requirements of customers, Goldjet will provide the best solutions of cross-border logistics

Strategic cooperation